Recruitment Campaigns

Our team of communication professionals will assist you with creating a job description that resonates with your potential candidates to reach the right people. We can provide assistance or direct posting on various networks and platforms to increase the reach of your posting. We will craft messaging that showcases the benefits of joining your organization through a recruitment strategy which reaches far beyond just the job posting itself.

Recruitment Portals

We have developed an easy to use job portal for managing applications that take the management out of your email and all the various platforms and put you in control of sorting and managing applications, with the abiltiy to manage mutliple position applicants at once with the added flexbility to store resumes and applications within your own platform.

Clerk and Administrative Support

Our thorough understanding of Municipal workings mean that we can supply clerk and administrative support on demand. Whether you are reacting to an unplanned need or a planned absence our staff can manage day-to-day operations on contract, eliminating the need to length and time consuming temporary hiring processes.

Asset Management

Our professional team of consultants have the ability to come in at any point in your asset management process to assist your team. We can provide strategic planning through to the day-to-day data entry support to your public works and clerk teams in the daunting task of getting all your assets catalogued and entered and provide an Asset Management Plan to ensure continued compliance.

Our consultants can also offer continued support through required reporting for operations and funding requirements.

We can also assist in planning and implementing a software solution to manage and ensure efficient operations and continued compliance.

Reporting and Data Entry

We provide a variety of reporting and data entry services to clients on a contract basis, either during specific times of year when reports are due and the workload increases beyond the capacity of current staff or on a regular basis for specific projects. Our trained staff can easily adapt to any system and efficiently generate the reports required or enter the data required to pull reports. Typically we are providing reports for funding bodies (Provincial or Federal level ministries or funding bodies).

Grant and Funding Application Support

Our experienced team can assist your team through the process of gathering the required research, financial informaton and the process of writing and applying for grants and funding through any level of government. Our marketing team can also assist if you require focus groups and community engagement and provide strategic direction in obtaining accurate data for your applications.

Municipal Management/Supervisory Skills Training

  • Effective Meetings
  • Professionalism in the Workplace
  • Dealing with Difficult Persons
  • Managing in a Unionized Environment – Fundamentals
  • Working in Teams
  • Problem Solving and Decision-Making
  • Managing the Inter-Generational workplace
  • Report Writing for Council
  • Council-Staff Relations