Information Technology Experts

We are highly trained and can assist operations management in selecting and implementing the technology that is right for your industry and help your business become more efficient and secure.

Systems Consulting

Your IT Infrastructure determines work performance for your entire company. Many organizations struggle with out-dated technology and the need for large-scale deployment. Our consultants audit your existing infrastructure, create a plan for upgrades and plan out deployment to limit downtime.

  • Infrastructure planning
  • Large scale deployment planning
  • Virtualization projects
  • Private cloud implementation
  • Network Security Best Practices
  • Technology Audits


Maintenance plans ensure that your systems are running efficiently and will reduce the amount of service calls or emergency repairs. We provide a proactive approach to technology that reduces downtime, saves you money and helps you properly budget.

Managed Services

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) of your workstations, servers, routers, printers and other network devices to ensure your IT network is always healthy and secure. Most IT support and management tasks are performed remotely, non-intrusively and effectively without interrupting your workflow.

IT Automation

Monitoring and controlling critical items in your infrastructure through powerful monitors and scripts to ensure potential issues and identified and resolved before they can affect your network performance.

Disaster Recovery/Backups in the Cloud

Comprehensive protection of operating systems, applications, configurations, settings and data for Windows® and Linux® servers, workstations and laptops, and virtual environments to ensure your data is protected and recoverable. Our RMM platform also enables us to accurately monitor backup status in real-time, as well as perform on-demand actions such as disabling, enabling, creating, editing, deleting, starting or cancelling backup jobs. Data recovery is available from physical machines, virtual machines and the cloud.

Managed Patching

Identification and automatic updating of all software patches and hotfixes to all of your devices, giving you the peace of mind that all patches are up-to-date and your system will continue running at optimal performance.

Managed Antivirus Software

Effective management and detection of continually evolving threats and malicious software attacks, including protection from spyware, spam and phishing scams to ensure your IT network is secure. Our antivirus services include comprehensive monitoring and deployment of virus definitions and updates so you know your system is always protected.

Systems Deployment

Connecting your office through a network solution opens greater possibilities for your communications and workflow. In addition, there are many added security features to protect your operations data.

  • Server Upgrades and data migration
  • Network upgrades and deployment
  • Network security upgrades
  • Endpoint deployment and imaging

Software/Hardware Partners

We value continuous and up to date partnerships, training and investing in the proper technology, to ensure we know the right tools available for our clients to work efficiently and effectively. Our integrated technology solutions offer industry specific software, employee training, hardware purchasing and backup plans.

Barracuda Webroot Secure Anywhere Microsoft Certified Professional Dell

Hosting Services

Website Hosting

Creating a website and making it available to the public requires several separate pieces to be in place, like securing a domain name so people can reach your website, getting a hosting service to allow your website to be visible on the web, email services so people can communicate with you, etc. Some of the hosting services that we provide are:

  • Domain management
  • Website hosting
  • Email services
  • SSL certificates

The Domain Name is what allows people to reach your website using a human-friendly name. We provide Domain Management services to secure domain names for clients as well as manage them afterwards so that the domain name remains available until the client no longer requires the website.

Web Hosting is what allows your website to be made available on the web. It includes things like storage space to store the files that make up the website, bandwidth usage that allows users to access your website, databases to allow the data your website uses to be securely stored and made available on demand, among other services. We provide Windows or Linux based hosting, depending on the technologies or platform the website is using, to provide the maximum compatibility with whatever your requirements are.

We also provide email services, be it POP-based email or web-based email like Outlook 365. Need your website to be secured? VS Technology can acquire an SSL certificate, install it, then maintain it to make sure that it is always available to keep your content secured.

Application Hosting

Do you have a need to share applications and/or data among multiple locations? We provide solutions to host applications and/or data in the cloud so that applications can be accessed remotely and data shared.