VS Municipal Solutions is a division of VS Group, with offices in North Bay, New Liskeard and Toronto we are positioned to service both private and public clients throughout Ontario. Founded in 1997 we are a team of 25 professionals with a diverse set of skills who work together to give client the unique solutions that they need to be successful in whatever they do. We take pride in our ongoing success, the services we provide to our clients and unique approach to how we operate our business.

A multilingual firm with a multi-disciplinary structure of people collaborating on projects.

Not your typical agency.

We approach all projects proactively by using a collaborative approach, our company includes 4 divisions: VS Municipal, VS Marketing, VS Accounting and VS Technology. This structure has been developed as a result of working with our clients and seeing their needs. The benefit of the four disciplines working collaboratively is that we can integrate the activities and provide you with the most effective solution. An example could be the collaboration between VS Marketing and Communications professionals providing staff training related to the in house maintenance of Municipal Desk and VS Municipal Solutions will ensure that our team understands the political and public aspects to ensure that they are accounted for within our planning.

We use this same interchange approach throughout our office with our clients by offering them complementary services through our other divisions to help them fill in the gaps whether they need accounting, marketing and/or IT services.

We believe that our clients greatly benefit from these valuable sets of expertise and skills combined, working together. We have a proven successful track record of delivering results with our innovative approach and use of multi-disciplinary tools.

VS Group serve a diverse list of clients in various industries at different levels:

  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government
  • Local and International Private Sector
  • Other Public Sector such as Authorities, Agencies, Boards and Not-Profit Organizations

VS Municipal Services

When it comes to municipal services, we offer the whole package that includes:

Through our dedicated and experienced team, we build solutions that will relieve the burden on overworked municipal staff by improving efficiencies, ensuring you are operating as efficiently as possible and that your community is connected and informed.