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VS Municipal offers a variety of services to keep your community connected and running efficiently.
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What people are saying about VS Municipal Solutions.
  • Timiskaming Health Unit Logo
    Timiskaming Health Unit

    The website was created in collaboration with the five Northern Health Units and the North East LHIN and is supported by several partners. VS Marketing created the website and assisted with the initial content as well as initial launch and subsequent training of our staff in the management of the platform moving forward. They provide exceptional support and have always been very responsive to the requests of our team as well as being available to update and manage the site when our staff is unavailable. The most recent analytics regarding the website and social media channels have shown a tremendous increase in the target audience, and the data they are able to gather for us provides valuable information in future planning.

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    Looksee Checklist by NDDS

    "VS Marketing employs a proactive approach to our relationship and through that approach has now created a revenue stream for subscriptions for users outside of Ontario as well as an online training platform to offering paid training webinars in order to generate revenue for our organization. As opportunities arise, VS Marketing is quick to mobilize their team for support or ongoing development to continue to evolve our online offerings and expand our market reach. Their team is highly organized and offer one point of contact for 24/7 technical support. I would highly recommend VS Marketing for any web development project."

  • FNTI Logo
    First Nation Technical Institute

    "FNTI has been working with VS Marketing for close to three years. During this time, we have leaned on the skill and expertise of your team members to help us achieve diverse goals, including web optimization, social media strategy, comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, image design and ad generation."

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    Nipissing Serenity Hospice

    "…they supported us in initiating a robust fundraising goal for the first year contract. They were also instrumental in managing a formal donor gala, a public grand opening and the inaugural staff recruitment campaign."

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AMCTO – Speaker Session
AMCTO – Speaker Session
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Our team has returned from AMCTO with Valuable Insights on Public Misunderstanding

Build Strong, Connected Communities
Community Engagement
Communication Strategies For Municipalities
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Communication Strategies For Municipalities

Community Engagement Through Effective Presentations
Community Engagement
Community Engagement Through Effective Presentations
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At VS Municipal Solutions, we specialize in empowering municipalities to bolster vibrant and inclusive communities through...

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