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Owen Sound Tourism

Website Redesign


Website Development, Graphic Design, Logistics and Tactical Planning.


Our city is the perfect destination to explore the natural beauty of Ontario while experiencing authentic food, culture, arts, and entertainment.

Owen Sound has a variety of must-haves, whether you are visiting, passing through, or thinking of making our city home. The city truly features it all… a beautiful harbour and bay, winding rivers, tree-lined streets, plush parks, numerous trails, and a thriving historic River District.

Perfectly placed along the Niagara Escarpment, Owen Sound is the ideal location to base yourself on your next Grey-Bruce adventure.

Whether you’re visiting us for a day, a weekend, an entire week, or longer, you’ll want to surround yourself with the authenticity our city offers.

The dynamic and invigorating community we have here is perfect for exploration! We're confident you'll find yourself wanting to prolong your visit and return frequently to fully immerse in everything it has to offer!

The primary goals for the new website were to create a visually attractive and colourful platform that would heavily focus on tourism and provide a friendly experience for both users and administrators.

The target audience for the website included the following segments:

  1. Local Tourism Enthusiasts: The website aimed to hype local tourism within a 40-kilometer radius of Owen Sound, promoting the city as a cultural hub. It targeted families residing in the area and tourists located within 3-4 hours of travel.
  2. Sporting Groups: The website aimed to attract sporting groups by highlighting the city’s sports facilities, parks, and trails.

The revamped website had the following goals and features:

1. Enhanced Tourism Promotion: The website focused heavily on promoting tourism services in Owen Sound, showcasing the city as an attractive destination.

2. User-Friendly Experience: We strived to provide an exceptional user experience, focusing on seamless navigation and an attractive design for its front end. Simultaneously, the back-end administration panel was carefully crafted to ensure user-friendliness, meeting the needs of editors with its intuitive interface.

3. Colourful and Attractive Design: The website featured a visually appealing and colourful design to attract visitors and create an engaging experience.

4. Community News & Alerts Module: The Community News & Alerts module plays a vital role in keeping residents up to date with the latest news and announcements. This feature serves as an invaluable communication channel, providing a centralized platform for sharing important information within the community. Whether it’s announcements from the local government, updates on community events, or news about ongoing projects, the community news module ensures that residents have easy access to relevant and timely information.

5. Community Events Module: The website highlighted events in a card-style format and showcased various lodging options, including city-owned campgrounds and local hotels, motels, and camping facilities. The module provided residents with an organized and visually appealing platform to discover and engage in local events. By featuring events in a card-style format, the website made it easy for residents to browse through upcoming activities, including festivals, workshops, fundraisers, and more. The module not only displays the date, time, and location of each event but also offers detailed descriptions and registration information, ensuring that residents have all the necessary details at their fingertips.

6. Business Directory: Our Business Directory module on the website offers an extensive range of filtering options, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through various categories. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, entertainment for the night, recreation facilities, or a shopping spree, the directory covers it all, and more. Users can effortlessly explore and connect with businesses that align with their preferences, making their online search for the perfect local spots a breeze.

7. Seasonal Switch: The website allowed for easy switching between seasonal content, transitioning from spring/summer to fall/winter themes.

8. Interactive Features: By seamlessly integrating Instagram content, we provide a visually appealing and dynamic experience for users. They can now stay connected with the latest updates, events, and offerings from local businesses, fostering a sense of community and encouraging active engagement.

The revamp of Owen Sound’s tourism website successfully addressed the organization’s goals and requirements. By focusing on tourism promotion, creating a user-friendly experience, and incorporating interactive and engaging features, the new website aimed to attract and captivate both local visitors and tourists. Through careful consideration of competitor offerings and user preferences, the website provided a colourful, attractive, and informative platform that showcased the city’s cultural, recreational, and natural attractions.



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