North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority
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North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority

Boardwalk of Champions Campaign


Marketing Strategy, Fundraising Plan, Graphic Design, Donation Logistics and Tactical Planning, Website Design.


The campaign involved a brand refresh, establishing brand standards and communication strategies, creating a social media strategy, implementing a digital advertising campaign, developing a new website layout, and creating various brand assets such as vehicle signage, promotional products, uniforms, and print materials. It also included improving data management for data-driven decision-making.


The "Boardwalk of Champions" campaign aimed to raise funds and support for the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority's outreach initiatives, engage donors, enhance awareness about NBMCA's conservation efforts, increase donations, and expand the organization's visibility to reach new audiences.


  • Successfully launched the two brands across multiple online channels
  • Increased awareness, attracting new donors and supporters
  • Enhanced relationships by engaging with their donors and building stronger relationships. We helped foster a sense of community and built loyalty among supporters.
  • Increased donations by engaging with donors and sharing the impact of their support. 
  • Increased visibility and reach new audiences.
  • Created a new website layout
  • Created brand assets including vehicle signage, promotional products, and uniforms, in addition to several print materials to transition NBMCA into their new brand.
  • Improved data management: gathered accurate data and analytics. By tracking and analyzing the results of these outreach efforts, we can make data-driven decisions and improve the future campaigns.

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