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Timiskaming Health Unit

Active School Travel (AST) Program


Communication Strategy, Branding, Graphic Design, Logistics and Tactical Planning.

The communication strategy for the Timiskaming Active Travel (AST) Program aimed to engage the target audiences of families, teachers, and students in fostering active travel and school zone safety. The THU received a grant in 2019 to enhance AST programming, leading to the initiation of the Timiskaming Active School Travel Project, which encouraged students to walk, wheel, and ride the bus to school through bilingual education and awareness campaigns. The project also involved the development of the Timiskaming Active School Travel Charter and Companion Document, in collaboration with stakeholders, including school boards, municipalities, and road safety groups. The communication strategy aimed to align with the School Travel Planning (STP) model, systematically addressing barriers to active school travel and promoting positive behavior changes.

The objective of the communication strategy was to effectively engage families, teachers, and students in the Timiskaming District to embrace active travel while enhancing school zone safety. This objective was achieved through a comprehensive approach, involving research, clarification of key messages, review of past resources, and analysis of proposed messaging and delivery through focus groups. The focus group findings guided the communication strategy and key messaging, ensuring that they resonated with the target audiences. The ultimate goal was to encourage a culture of active travel and safety among students, parents, and teachers by effectively conveying the benefits and value of active school travel.

The communication strategy successfully resulted in an engaging and effective campaign for the Timiskaming AST Program. By utilizing research data, refining key messages, and analyzing proposed delivery methods, the strategy provided insights into effectively engaging families, teachers, and students. The focus group report and data findings contributed to the development of a compelling campaign that aligned with the STP model's principles. The strategy incorporated various brand assets, including the logo, regional website, and social media assets. The outcome of this strategy was a well-executed communication campaign that fostered active travel, encouraged positive behavior changes, and promoted school zone safety within the Timiskaming District.

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