Stay on Your Feet
mockups showcasing the branding for the SOYF campaign

Timiskaming Health Unit

Stay on Your Feet

2020 - 2023

Community Engagement, Communications Strategy, Graphic Design, Website Development.

The project entailed simplifying the brand's existing key messages to effectively engage the older adult demographic. This involved the creation of three key messages, each accompanied by a color-coded icon for quick visual identification. A crucial aspect was ensuring that all messaging was accessible in both French and English. To accomplish this, we adopted a comprehensive strategy that encompassed focus groups, surveys, data analysis, and consultations with partners. The overarching goal was to perform a comprehensive brand update, incorporating new sub-brands and key messaging that would refine the brand narrative and cater to the information needs of the intended audience.

The core purpose of this project is to refine the brand's core messages in order to effectively resonate with the older adult audience. Our objective spans various components, including the creation of simplified key messages and the establishment of visually recognizable icons. Meeting the requirement for bilingual messaging is pivotal, aimed at ensuring clear understanding and accessibility. By adopting a comprehensive approach that involves focus groups, surveys, data analysis, and collaborative partner engagements, our objective revolves around driving a comprehensive brand update. This encompasses the seamless integration of new sub-brands and key messaging, all strategically designed to streamline the brand's narrative and deliver content that harmonizes with the specific interests of the audience.

The project improved message clarity for older audiences, aided by simplified content and visuals. Messages were made clear in both languages, employing methods such as discussions, surveys, and partner collaboration. We enhanced the brand by introducing new elements and adjusting messages, resulting in stronger, well-received messaging. Monthly reports tracked online and ad performance, with daily ad monitoring for effectiveness.

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