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April, 14, 2023

As municipal leaders navigated the needs of their staff and communities during the pandemic, many were forced to implement new technology in order to continue operations as working remotely became the only option. This was not perfect, but it demonstrated that some amazing results could be accomplished very quickly when required.

As we move beyond the pressure of the pandemic, lock-downs and forced remote work it is a time of amazing opportunity to take inventory of the systems you have, dream about the system you want and call us to help you make that dream come true.

At VS Municipal Solutions we believe in creating the tools that you need and that will provide you with a greater efficiency within your structure. We work directly with users to identify what technologies will relieve their pain points in the day-to-day operations and assist them in implementing these solutions for easy transition.

Understanding that upgrades or a new system can feel overwhelming and must occur while your team continue to operate, we support the implementation so that efficiency is accomplished as soon as possible and staff can immediately realize the benefits. This is important as a system that your staff see value in and want to succeed is the best system. As a solutions-based company we have developed tools specific to municipalities needs in the following areas.

  • Website Redesign
  • Software integrations
  • Online services
  • Ecommerce capabilities
  • Municipal apps
  • Digital rec guides
  • Tools and features

We support in the set-up and implementation for an easy and user-friendly transition.

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