Our team will work with you to understand your needs and pain points with your existing asset management strategies. We will import any of your existing excel and/or GIS data into the software and provide our expertise in helping you to build out the software to best meet the needs of your individual municipality. Once the software is ready to use, we’ll also provide training for your staff to ensure you’re getting the most value out of the software. 


Map out every asset and easily create work orders or add assets directly from the map.


Robust reporting options with ability to create custom reports. Report on asset life cycle & cost, see an overview and summary of costs, manage specific project costs, see specific breakdowns of repairs and inspections for things like road resurfacing, storm water cleaning and inspections, wastewater inspections, track water testing results, track water pressure results, etc. 

Project Management

Track projects tasks, estimated costs and actual costs, relate existing tasks, resources, inventory and requests, set timelines, report on projects after completion, and more. 

Mobile Access

Keep work orders up to date on the go through mobile phones and tablets.

Inventory Tracking

Track all your inventory items, suppliers, and time as inventory. When an item is used for a work order, inventory is automatically updated, and the costs of all items used are added to the work order. 

Document Management

Save all your policies and procedures and easily add those documents to tasks, work orders, etc. 

Citizen Portal

Keep your citizens engaged and provide an outlet for them to put in repair or cleanup requests or report code violations. 

Customer and Contacts Management

Associate issues and assets with customers and vendors. Maintain notes, attachments and set follow up tasks. 

Maintenance Scheduling

Set maintenance and inspection schedules that will automatically create the work orders when they’re due. 

Workflow Automations

Ensure the right people are assigned the right tasks at the right time. Increase your efficiency and reduce time spent by staff creating and assigning tasks manually. 

Cost Tracking

Track maintenance, labour and inventory costs to help with decision making.

Barcode Scanning

Add barcodes to your assets, such as fleet vehicles, scan the barcode to see a full history of repairs, maintenance, and inspections. 


These are only a few of our favourite features!

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